About Us


What Makes Our Care So Special?

We're very proud of the care that we provide. What is it that makes our practice so special? Two things: Personalized Care and Quality Care.  


Personalized Care

In our office, you're not a number, or a faceless name in a crowd. You want a physician that cares and a staff that's attentive to your needs. You want to be seen by the physician himself, not a physician's assistant. And you want to know that if you ever had a problem, that it's a physician that you could actually speak with. It's the way medicine should be, and we still do it that way. We also respect your time. We give appointments when you need them, without making you wait weeks during the height of the allergy season. And we don't keep you waiting forever in the waiting room.    


Quality Care

Our philosophy is simple: when it comes to quality, we take no shortcuts. This may sound like common sense, but unfortunately, it's not. For example, we take the time to individualize our allergy shot mixes, as called for in national guidelines, rather than using the one-size-fits-all approach of pre-made mixes that many other practices use. It's just better medicine, and we take the time to do it right. It's that philosophy that's reflected in everything we do, and it's one reason why we're so proud of the care that we provide.